Hotel Aquilia 3 star in Laigueglia

Hotel Aquilia 3 stars in Laigueglia is very close to the beautiful beach of the Riviera of Ponente in Liguria. It is a wonderful location to spend an unforgettable holiday relaxing at the seaside. From its location, you can easily reach the beach on foot enjoying the beauty of Laigueglia’s coast known as Baia del Sole.

Hotel Aquilia

Our guest can get special prices at the bathhouse ”Bagni Torino”, which grants high quality services at a competitive price. Walking along the waterfront is exciting because you can find small squares with a sea view and small streets (carrugi) full of history and attractions that makes Laigueglia and its old town one of the most beautiful and charming place in Italy. Watching this video, recorded early in the morning, you will get an idea of the beautiful landscape of Laigueglia: look at its tidy streets, at the delicate tones of its buildings and at the beach, which is 5 km long and reaches Alassio. Look at the green hills that relax your eyes, define the skyline and protect the town from the wind. That is a place, which relaxes both your mind and your body, the ideal vacation in Liguria and the summer of your dreams.