The village of Laigueglia

Laigueglia, a small sea town in the list of the most beautiful old villages in Italy, is in Savona’s area on the Ligurian Riviera of Ponente. Its oldest part is made of lots of small streets (caruggi) and houses. The delicate tones of their walls are typical of the Ligurian coast. The streets with their dark pavement and the balconies full of flowers give a fresh tone to the landscape in the hot summer afternoons. Worth mentioning is also the “Oratorio di San Matteo” from the IV century.

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What to do in Laigueglia

Laigueglia’s beach is broad and its sand is white and thin. It is suitable for families, but also for those people, who like lying in the sun: from Hotel Aquilia Laigueglia’s terrace, you can enjoy the sea landscape and the sunset of the Riviera of Ponente. Nature lovers can visit the hills at the back of the old town and discover its Mediterranean Sea trees and pants. From Capo Mele, the last stretch of coast in Laigueglia, you can follow a trekking path on foot or by mountain bike to the small old village of Colla Micheri, 162 m above the sea level in Andora: reaching the top, you will have a view of the whole coast and Alassio and Andora’s bays. The beautiful old village of Cervo Ligure, 10 km from Laigueglia, is also worth visiting. Among the trips on boat, don’t miss the visit to Gallinara’s island, a pearl of the Ligurian sea thanks to its unspoiled habitat. The surrounding clear water make of it the perfect place for snorkelling lovers. Starting from the south part of the island, you can catch sight of the famous Cristo Redentore degli Abissi’s statue, 15 m deep into the sea, a popular destination for diving lovers. From Loano, not far away from Laigueglia, you can take part in an hiking tour to the Santuario dei Cetacei, one of the Mediterranean and Ligurian treasure. We are speaking of 4 hour sailing along with expert marine biologists who will help tourists to catch sight of the 8 different types of cetacean, dolphins and other species that live in this sea area. Families can visit the water park “Le Caravelle di Ceriale”, the ideal place to have fun or they ca go on a trip to the Toirano’s cave, a prehistoric refuge of the cave bears.