The restaurant of the Hotel Aquila and the Bar of the Hotel Aquilia

Hotel Aquilia’s Restaurant in Laigueglia is in the hotel and has big windows that light the dining room. The dining room is carefully furnished, faces Laigueglia’s waterfront and has air conditioning.

Laigueglia Restaurant

Good food lovers can choose among a lot of dishes that range from the Italian culinary tradition to the Ligurian and international one. Aromas and tastes vary harmoniously from the sea to the hills. A selection of the best ingredients, the high quality of the preparation and sophistication in the presentation of the dishes make chef Domenico Anfosso’s menu a very fine and generous one able to meet everybody’s taste with a special attention to children and guests with specific food requirements. Every evening, you can decide what you want to eat the following day and there is always a choice between meat and fish. You can also ask for a dish not specifically indicated in the standard menu such as a traditional pasta with tomato sauce. Among the different formulas, you can choose at our restaurant, we usually suggest full board because it includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. For lunch and for dinner, you can choose between two first courses and two main courses. In addition to that, there is a buffet with salads and antipasto. The Bar Laigueglia of Hotel Aquilia Laigueglia offers excellent artisanal ice creams, fine coffee blends, locally as well as international-produced spirits along with small local artisanal treats.